Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview is on iTunes, but don’t tell anyone

My little film about Steve Jobs has finally made it to iTunes (now on Amazon and YouTube as well!) as a $3.99 rental, but you wouldn’t know it. Deeming the film “too controversial,” Apple has it on the site but they aren’t promoting it and won’t. The topic is “too sensitive” you see. It isn’t even listed in the iTunes new releases. You have to search for it. But it’s there.

Maybe I’m not even supposed to tell you.

Of course there is nothing controversial or insensitive about this movie, which everyone including the critics seems to like. It’s a different look at an interesting guy and some people seem to take […]

Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview returning to theaters

As promised, Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview is returning to theaters from Magnolia Pictures with a new print restored literally with rocket science courtesy of MotionDSP. The first U.S. and Canadian play dates are below. If people go to the film there will be more theaters added. Video on demand and a DVD will be next, followed eventually by general online distribution.

International distribution is coming, too.  The film is screening this week in Cannes with theaters and play dates to be named shortly.

Sorry this took so long to arrange.



Montreal, QC: Cinema Du Parc

Little Rock, AR: Market Street Cinema
Cupertino, CA: Bluelight Cinemas
Sacramento, CA: Crest Theatre
Asbury Park, NJ: The ShowRoom
Corvallis, OR: Darkside […]