My little film about Steve Jobs has finally made it to iTunes (now on Amazon and YouTube as well!) as a $3.99 rental, but you wouldn’t know it. Deeming the film “too controversial,” Apple has it on the site but they aren’t promoting it and won’t. The topic is “too sensitive” you see. It isn’t even listed in the iTunes new releases. You have to search for it. But it’s there.

Maybe I’m not even supposed to tell you.

Of course there is nothing controversial¬†or insensitive about this movie, which everyone including the critics seems to like. It’s a different look at an interesting guy and some people seem to take away a lot from it. You be the judge.

I think this says a lot more about Apple than it does about the movie. This is the most valuable company on earth and when you get that big all news you don’t absolutely control is assumed to be bad news. And at Apple the big unanswered question is this: What if Laurene Jobs (Mrs. Steve) doesn’t like this movie?

She’s a big shareholder, there’s this whole mystic Cult of Steve thing going on, this could be really, really bad.

Only it isn’t bad at all.

The question is unanswered only because to my knowledge it has gone unasked.

Laurene Jobs has her own Blu-Ray copy of Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview and has had it since last year. I sent it to her myself at the request of her best friend.

So there: question answered.

This feels way too much like the 8th grade.