I was born 66 years ago today, which makes me old enough to know better, though some might disagree. Sixty-six is retirement age in the U.S. Social Security system and I am all signed-up. Retirement has been beckoning a bit, which might explain my recent absence from this rag. But no, I’m not retired at all and that means I owe you something of an update, plus of course my predictions for 2019.

First the Mineserver jihad. I’ve been quietly trying to find an investor to help revive this great little business started with my three sons but lost to my blindness last year combined with the Tubbs fire that cost us both the playroom/factory and our inventory of completed Mineservers. Our problem with finding a great investor is they inevitably do a Google search and see townspeople with pitchforks demanding my head, which kills every deal.

So if you want your Mineserver or your money back, please STOP bitching and help us find a solution. The potential for this little business is better than ever but only if you can contain your wrath and let us find a way out of this mess. Your alternative is literally nothing.

We are determined to fix the Mineserver business, which could turn around on a dime and grow to a surprisingly large size. We have a good product and a great marketing plan… if it weren’t for those darned pitchforks.

In the meantime I’ve found work with another startup. It also is exciting and this one is funded, too, which — believe me — is a relief to Mrs. Cringely. She just about had it with me and my zero income. Alas, I can’t tell you anything about the startup, which is for now in stealth mode. Look for our first news sometime in the spring.

Finally, January has for the last 22 years meant my tech predictions for the coming year, which I will start to pump out tomorrow, beginning as always with a look back at last January and how smart or stupid I happened to be. I’m sure I was both.

This time my predictions will be somewhat different. That’s for two reasons: 1) there’s a fair chance this will be my last year doing them, and; 2) I want to take a look out several years anyway because I sense the tech industry about to enter an unprecedented correction. EVERYTHING is about to change for all of us and I have a pretty good idea what’s coming. As alway, it is both good and bad.

Two thirds done — the title of this particular column — means that if I live to 100 my life is two thirds over. It’s a macabre way of looking at things, especially for the father of a 12 year-old. But the title fits my life to a tee.