IMG_0826 (1)I know many readers are tired of my (too) many columns about IBM. So I won’t be posting the latest one here at all. It’s over on the Seeking Alpha investor blog. You can read it here. I mention the post simply because some readers do care about such things.

The Seeking Alpha post is about IBM earnings and how the company is using old business to prop-up new business and not being at all upfront about what’s really happening.

The Seeking Alpha column is also a complaint about blog posts related to earnings in general because they are often written by people who think they know a lot about financial numbers but clearly know little or nothing about the company reporting those numbers. You can’t consider one without the other. If you are stating opinions about forward-looking activities of a public company without ever talking to a customer or an employee of the outfit, well then you are surely missing something.

In other Cringely news we are finally getting close to shipping those $99 Mineservers, having evaded a pernicious Ethernet bug by switching the underlying operating system from Ubuntu Server to Arch Linux. As soon as our server management app is updated to support all three multiuser server platforms we can start to burn SD cards and ship boxes (aiming now for mid-June). Kickstarter backers are, of course, unforgiving, but we try to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

You might find interesting, too, our Kickstarter update since it also covers Fallon’s 4th grade Science Fair project, which had to do with the effect of network latency on Minecraft game play. The simple question is whether it is better to spend $99 on your own Minecraft server or to invest in a faster PC?

Here’s a hint: buy the server and invite your friends to play (and lose) from their homes.