Update — Those who want to meet the Cringelys can come to Graphic.ly, an electronic Comic Book startup, at 1601 Pearl Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO.  This is at 4PM on Saturday. If you can. please bring a small unwrapped toy for my kids to distribute at local hospitals and shelters.

And yes, I DID have the RV checked-out and serviced before we left Charleston.  Stuff happens.


That’s the catalytic converter from my RV.  It literally fell off when I hit a puddle during a rainstorm last week in St. Louis.  It dragged for a quarter mile or so before I got a clue there was something wrong.  When I took this picture I’d already found a piece of string and tied the cat to the door handle.  There was no similar piece of string for the tailpipe hanging out the other side of the bus.  It dragged the last mile to the RV park.

When anything goes wrong at an RV park, men instantly appear.  You never know their names, they just start to help.  It’s some Americana throwback that rubes like me find very useful.  In this case the samaritan wanted to go further than I did, though.

“Looks pretty bad,” he said. “Want to cut it off?”

“Cut it off?  How?”

“I’ve got tools.  Let me fire up my grinder and we’ll have that off in a jiff.”

I declined.

Later, when another camper came out to complain about my attempt to asphyxiate his kids with my generator exhaust, he said, “I know you.”

Remember my picture is on the side of the bus about 10 times life size.

“You’re from Plane Crazy.”

I sure didn’t see that one coming.

But if you live in or near Boulder, Colorado, know that the Cringely’s are coming and we’ll be around this weekend.

If someone can suggest a place to meet on Saturday afternoon we’ll do just that.  Remember to bring a toy for my kids to give away (not keep) and Mrs. Cringely will allow you to admire her muffins.

Can anybody suggest a good location?