moodyMaybe you noticed it has been a couple weeks since I’ve written anything here. Readers are starting to wonder so I thought I’d post an update. It’s a funny thing about writing, that — for me at least — it really helps to be able to see and that’s something I’m not so good at lately. Over the last few months I’ve lost usable vision in one eye and the other is headed the same way.

It’s nothing serious. No glaucoma or macular degeneration, just cataracts — a result, I’m told, of my lifelong habit of not wearing sunglasses when I should have. I never liked carrying two pairs of glasses and now I am paying for that poor judgement.

Everything is fading to white. The solution is 10 minute-per-eye cataract surgery which will only happen when Dr. Belial, my ophthalmologist at America’s largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), feels I have suffered enough. This delay is senseless since my eyes, having spent 63 years getting this way, are not going to spontaneously improve. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is Belial will get a bonus and the HMO will score a financial win if I die before surgery. Maybe they know something I don’t?

It’s tough being a pawn in the medicine game.

But enough about me. Readers are wondering about… something. Actually they’re just wondering what happened, because most of the tech news happening just now is pretty mundane. There are plenty of subjects I’d like to know more about, of course. Who wouldn’t want to know the real story behind SamSung’s Galaxy Tab 7 nightmare? But in order to figure out things like that I first have to be a functional reader, which I frankly am not.

One reader was dismayed I hadn’t covered what he viewed as the very bad move of the U.S. giving up control of Internet names to international control. Frankly I’m not so bothered by it. Did the U.S. do an especially great job at that? Not that I ever noticed. And if this accelerates the inevitable move to IPV6, it won’t even be viewed by history as having been a big deal. Maybe it’s good to be giving-up something that’s not really very valuable at a time just before it becomes worthless, which is why I am also giving my kids less and less advice.

Nor do I presently have anything to say about Russian hacking or Trump tweeting other than that I am dismayed by both.

But I do have a couple of ideas for next week. And since my surgery STILL isn’t scheduled, I guess I’ll get to work on those, now that I’ve discovered the BIG PRINT control on my computer.