bathwaterThis came in today from an IBM customer. Sure enough, as of this morning he’s correct:

This morning I needed to check to see if one of IBM’s products would run on a particular version of an operating system. I went out the IBM U.S. website to look. I can’t find the product. I can’t find a lot of IBM products. Where are the servers? Where are the software products? Where are the storage products? Wow, its all gone or at least well hidden. The website has been completely replaced and only the CAMSS stuff is there.

Where, indeed, are the mainframes?

IBM is a completely sales-centric business.  It is really all about what IBM can “sell,” especially the new stuff  I’ve been told by IBMers that there have been occasions when they tried to sell to a customer an IBM product or service only to find out they couldn’t: the company was still making the product or providing the service but had decided not to sell any more so the products and services just disappear.

Much of what we think of as the IBM product line has disappeared from its U.S. website. This either indicates an epic screwup from IBM’s web team or an indication that the company no longer cares about most of their existing revenue.

That’s no way to run a business.