burningWTCI’ve been quiet lately, I know. My sons’ Kickstarter campaign has taken a toll on their Venture Capitalist… me. I never before appreciated the physical effort that goes into managing what is, for me, a significant investment. They do the work but I pay for a lot of it and that brings with it the need to oversee — something I’ve never been very good at doing. You’ll see the result, hopefully, next week.

While I’ve been so preoccupied a lot has happened in the technology world. Apple introduced a slew of new products and Alex Gibney released his Steve Jobs documentary. I’ll comment on both of these shortly. Yahoo was denied its tax-free Alibaba spinoff and so has to go to Plan B. I have such a Plan B (or C or D) for Yahoo, myself and will explain it soon. There are some new technologies you ought to know about, too. There are always those.

But this week was also the anniversary of 9/11 and the most noteworthy thing about it was that the only people who mentioned the attack to me weren’t American, and for them it seemed to be oddly nostalgic.

I feel no nostalgia for 9/11.

But that doesn’t mean we should forget what happened or how we as a nation have handled events since. So with that in mind I’ll point you to my original 9/11 column published two days after the attack, 14 years ago. I think it stands up pretty well after all this time.

Back then the column made many readers angry, but then I’m good at that. It also made them think. Read it again, please, if you have the time.