FullSizeRenderThe Cringelys are back from Christmas in Hawaii and so I’m back to work. Alaska Airlines changed our flight to Kona in August but either never told Orbitz or Orbitz wasn’t listening so we got to the San Jose Airport 3.5 hours earlier than we needed to, having left Santa Rosa at 2AM. Note the tired eyes. Note, too, the rubber ducky the kids found as part of an airport promotion. Not only did they get $10 worth of candy, they won the grand prize GoPro camera! 

It’s time for my annual predictions for the new year, which I’ll publish I suppose on Friday. So if you have any wacky ideas please throw them into the comments, below. Somehow reader ideas rarely make it into my list but then I’m weird. And I think having a broader point of view really helps the discussion, so please comment.

We’re on the threshold, I believe, of an amazing burst of computing creativity. This is an industry where there are far more Good New Days than Good Old Days and I have several of those to write about on Friday. I’m guessing you do, too.  I’m eager to read what you have to share.