crystalballUpdate January 2, 2014 — My Mom died last night, cleverly extending at least her financial existence into another tax year, so I haven’t been able to get to my 2014 predictions as promised. I’m headed home on Friday so look for the predictions column sometime over the weekend, thanks.

As some of you may recall I’ve been helping my sister care for our 89 year-old mother during an especially difficult period of her life, so if I haven’t been posting quite so much lately that’s why. But readers have been pestering me, nevertheless, for my annual column of predictions for the new year. And why not? But this time I really need your suggestions, which I’d like you to write in the comments below or — if you prefer — send to me:

I see 2014 as a pivotal year for a lot of us when we clearly define what this decade is about for technology. It can’t be just cloud computing, apps, and social networking can it? I don’t think so. Look for my ideas (and some of yours) later in the week.

Thanks for the help.