scarfaceLast Wednesday night I posted my most recent column, turned out the lights in my office, walked down eight stone steps, tripped and smashed my face into the side of our house with a thunk that brought everybody running. Ten stitches and two days later I took the picture you see here in which I look way better. So if anybody wonders why I was a no-show tonight at the Computer History Museum’s reunion for the Homebrew Computer Club, this is my excuse. I can’t see well yet and I sure as heck can’t drive. Woz didn’t make it either I’m told.

I wish I had been at the museum, of course. Those who were there, please call or write and tell me about it.

What’s an old hack to do if he can’t see to read or type? I tried getting Fallon, my seven year-old, to practice reading to me but you know it’s just not the same.

Alas, this is a busy week, too, with huge news coming in this space on Wednesday Thursday. By then my stitches will be out, my head injury somewhat better, though all hopes I had of an NFL career are forever dashed. So please come back here Wednesday Thursday, okay?

I really mean it: something very special will be happening right here on Wednesday Thursday.

I’m not the only person to have an accident. My eBook editor Parampreet Singh took a very serious header from his bicycle in Toronto and is still under the weather which is why I’ve done such a poor job of publishing those eBooks I promised awhile back. But I’ve found a new editor to take up the slack and our first volume The Decline and Fall of IBM will hit Amazon right before Christmas. Buy it for all your friends.

I finished the book before hitting my head, so it will definitely appear, black IBM helicopters or no.

Typed by Fallon Cringely