WomenAtWorkIn case you’ve been wondering what’s up with this blog, we’re in the midst of moving it from one host to another. Truth be told, Jennie is in the midst of moving it. This will be my last post from Media Temple. My next post (a real one — it’s already written) should come later tonight from WP Engine.

When I left PBS at the end of 2008, Media Temple was state of the art, but that was then. After five years on essentially the same server platform with only a couple memory increases along the way, things were getting a little brittle as many of you have noticed. The hardware is old, some of the software is no longer even being supported, as such downtime has increased and from time to time my digital slip has been showing.

There are now specialist outfits like WPEngine devoted solely to WordPress blogs like this one. It’s more expensive but they also do more. And of course as a new customer my blog will be loaded on their newest equipment, so it can’t help but be faster.

If I’m going to fault Media Temple it’s for bad communication. They were apparently planning a big hardware upgrade but didn’t bother to tell me until I said I was leaving. My last two support tickets remain open and unanswered. No hard feelings, but it will be a relief to go… I hope.

A new host is like a new girlfriend or wife. Everything I’ve heard about WP Engine is good. Now I can just hope it’s all true.