As anyone with a heartbeat knows, Apple has a product event coming on Tuesday the 23rd in San Jose at which we’ll certainly see the iPad Mini, perhaps a new MacBook Pro, and maybe some new iMacs. But whatever is being introduced I think it’s fair to say that the event is still in flux, because Apple late Wednesday canceled another corporate event in Arizona scheduled for the same time, this one at The Phoenician resort.

Apple booked the entire hotel (600+ rooms) for Sunday through Wednesday. Their setup people were on site Tuesday. Late Wednesday, as setup was nearing completion, Apple told the resort that they “wanted all of their managers to be on site in their stores next Tuesday for the upcoming tablet release” — that they were canceling the function.

There are two bits of information here: 1) the iPad Mini is definitely coming, which we all knew; 2) they are likely to be for sale immediately in Apple stores, which we definitely didn’t know. Why else would the store managers need to be there?

So why the flux-up? The first we heard about a tablet event it was supposed to happen on the 17th, not the 23rd. My guess is that the ship date for those million or more iPad Minis slipped a week and nobody thought to tell the people getting ready for Arizona.

That’s the way things work sometimes in big companies.