Back in 2007, when I was still writing for PBS, I posted a couple of columns about IBM that caused great consternation for the company. I predicted an acceleration in offshoring and outsourcing that upset IBM employees and customers alike. Thousands of IBM careers were about to be disrupted. The company denied my story and even, I’m told, made a few changes to its plan in response to what I had written. It showed the power of the blogosphere, how one person with a little insight and good sources can affect an industry. And it’s about to happen again.

This coming Wednesday I’ll post another IBM column based on a look I got recently at the company’s plan for 2015.  It’s audacious and surprising and I’m pre-announcing it now, frankly, in hopes that doing so will knock loose a few more details that I can include in that column.

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Though IBM completely denied that 2007 column, the more telling response came from an IBM senior manager I bumped into a few months later. “You busted us,” he said.

Until Wednesday…