This Christmas I added a Windows server to our home network because my kids were finding some favorite programs were unplayable over their RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) thin clients. So I bought a very inexpensive Windows 7 desktop and for $89 at Walmart added Microsoft’s Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, which is needed to support remote RDP desktops.  No luck with the RDP deployment so far, though, because MICROSOFT’S ANYTIME UPGRADE WEB SITE HAS BEEN DOWN FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS.

This is no way to run a business, Microsoft.  My kids want their FusionFall.

I would have understood had the site really been down for maintenance as it says, but two days isn’t maintenance.

It would have made better sense, too, had the fail screen not required me to every time submit all my information before telling me the site was unavailable.

People who are headed to are there for only one reason and if Microsoft knows that reason is unavailable, why not just put up a big OUT OF ORDER sign at the door and save us all some work?

So far I have wasted an hour of my time on this.  Multiply that by the thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of would-be Christmas upgraders just like me and you have a prime example of how companies fail to respect their customers.