Those who are impatient for more technology coverage and are bothered that I actually have a life can look forward to a big column coming this evening. For the rest of you here’s something wonderful and funny that happened last night.

That’s my wife, the young and lovely Mary Alyce, in one of her less flattering photos. She shot it late last night with the camera in her phone.

Mary Alyce’s parents have been living with us the last three months as her father’s health fails after 20+ years with Parkinson’s Disease. I became America’s highest-paid home health aide. Earlier this week he moved into hospice and almost immediately into a coma from which he is not expected to awaken. Mary Alyce and her mother have been staying there with him, keeping company, leaving me home with the kids.

This picture was taken as Mary Alyce lay back-to-back with her mother. Her Mom was facing the hospital bed where her husband lay. You can see her shoulder behind. When Mary Alyce took the picture she was startled by the flash and how bright it was. Her mother only saw the hospital bed suddenly surrounded by a halo of bright light.

“I can see the angels!” she cried. “They’ve come to take your father!”

Not yet.

They laughed for an hour.

Update — My father-in-law died Monday morning.