These are the first 100 questionnaires from the Cringely (NOT in silicon Valley) Startup Tour.  Yes, I printed them out and stapled them together.  Sometimes a man just has to do such things, even in the Internet Age.  It helps me to get a visceral sense of an editing job that lies ahead.  Throwing piles of paper around and feeling their heft brings a much greater sense of reality to this job.  These first 100 total somewhere between 900 and 1000 pages and there are close to 200 questionnaires still to go!

The purpose of this post is to encourage those nominated companies that have not yet sent me their questionnaires to do so as soon as they can.  I still have days of reading ahead of me but there will eventually be a cut-off.

As always I am

There are many great companies I have yet to hear from.  So if you have a friend whose company was nominated, bug him or her about getting their questionnaire in.  It really matters.

These first 100 questionnaires ranged from 6-24 pages in length with most around eight or nine.

One questionnaire was reformatted in landscape mode.  You know who you are.  What the heck was with that?

The first 100 show an interesting geographic distribution (below).  I was mildly surprised to see nothing from the Dakotas.  But nothing from Utah?  Idaho?  New Mexico?

If Texas appears sparse it is because of the scale: there are 10 nominated companies in Austin, alone, so they look at this scale like a single pin.

So is this map an artifact of the earliest responders (these were the first 100 questionnaires to be submitted) or does this represent fairly the current distribution of business innovation in the USA?