shinyappleChristmas is approaching and with it the end of the first fiscal quarter for many computer companies including Apple.  This is the time when these companies make their biggest sales of the year.  It’s also the time when J.D. Power & Associates is finishing-up its PC quality surveys which cover initial quality and overall service and support.  If you are an Apple customer or a prospective Apple customer pay attention, because this could be a very good time to be you.

Apple is proud of its support operation, which is ironic given that back in the early Apple ][ days Steve Jobs wanted to save money by mimeographing user manuals.  I am not making this up. Obviously Steve has changed his point of view because he has been back in charge of Apple now for 12 years and for the last nine of those Apple has been the top PC company for both quality and support according to J.D. Power.

Winning a competition nine years in a row doesn’t come easily, certainly doesn’t come by accident and luck has nothing to do with it.

This month Apple has a chance to clinch a 10th win in a row and the entire company, from Steve Jobs on down, is determined to do just that.  I’m not saying this because of any intuition or simple application of logic.  I’m telling you that Jobs has made it clear in company meetings that Apple will win its 10th J.D. Power award whatever it costs.

So hie thee to an Apple store, my friends.  Take with you any and every Apple product you own that’s still under warranty and attempt to get them to give you a new one, because they’ll probably do it.  Apple is willing right now to spend tens of millions taking back or replacing products they would normally refuse to do — that they’ll probably refuse to do a month from now — just to clinch that darned trophy.

I’m sure they’ll win again, but let’s make them earn it, shall we?