Three Simple Rules for Stealing My Money

producersThe Mel Brooks movie, then Broadway musical, then a movie of a Broadway musical The Producers are the only such dramatic works I know of that were based primarily on a business model.  The plot is a simple scam in three acts: 1) most Broadway musicals fail; 2) greedy investors in Broadway shows want a lot of equity for a little money, and; 3) since the show is likely to fail anyway, why not produce a deliberate turkey but make money (strictly for the producers) by selling 500 percent of the stock?  Nobody will know they’ve been scammed because a deliberate failure will never pay any royalties.  Except, of course, Springtime for Hitler was an unlikely […]

jerkyHeaded this week to the Grand Canyon in our old Winnebago RV (now minus mice, we think) Mary Alyce, the boys and I stopped outside Kingman, Arizona at this place,, managed by Gus, whom you’ll find pictured below, handsome devil that he is.  And that’s Mary Alyce taking pictures of the boys in the Freshjerky parking lot at left.

Just as the sign says, Freshjerky has a limited product selection — various kinds of meat jerky including buffalo; honey (minus “expanders,” whatever those are); olives; nuts, and cold drinks.  Everything is very good for what it is and nothing is particularly cheap.  Nobody goes to Freshjerky, for example, to buy cheap jerky.  That’s […]