Back in Orbitz

airplaneA couple weeks ago you may recall a column I wrote about how Orbitz, the Internet travel service, lost all my personal data including my on-file credit cards.  Well most of this lost information is now back and I want to update the story.

I’m a long-time Orbitz user with enough frequent flier miles that they ought to care about keeping me happy.  And it turns out a number of Orbitz employees are also my readers, so that helps, too.  After that column appeared the company put some real effort into figuring out what had gone wrong and trying to fix it.

What happened, it turns out, is that I had tried to book a […]

Falling Out of Orbitz

orbitz-logoA lot of online behavior is habitual.  My e-mail client is Eudora, for example — an orphaned program that hasn’t been updated since 2006.  People keep telling me to switch to this or that but I like Eudora and have 17 years of mail stored in it, though I sense an end coming there.  I also use Orbitz, primarily, for my travel planning.  And it isn’t that Orbitz is particularly better (though not particularly worse since I use Kayak from time to time to compare) but that it holds already in its digital innards a whole succession of my credit cards as well as my five frequent flier numbers.  Or it did.

You see Orbitz […]