For future computing, look (as always) to Star Trek

retinal scan“The step after ubiquity is invisibility,” Al Mandel used to say and it’s true. To see what might be The Next Big Thing in personal computing technology, then, let’s try applying that idea to mobile. How do we make mobile technology invisible?

Google is invisible and while the mobile Internet consists of far more than Google it’s a pretty good proxy for back-end processing and data services in general. Google would love for us all to interface completely through their servers for everything. That’s their goal. Given their determination and deep pockets, I’d say Google — or something like it — will be a major part of the invisible mobile Internet.

The […]

Dry Powder

There are approximately two weeks to go for nominations to the Cringely (NOT in Silicon Valley) Startup Tour.  With just under 400 companies nominated so far, both in the open and in stealth mode, my goal for the next two weeks is to break 400, making it that much harder to decide on a final 24.

Our model for the tour is evolving slightly.  I have venture capitalists and angel investors now asking to tag along, guessing that what I find worth writing about they may find worth investing in. This is small but serious money, by which I mean that while I can’t lay direct claim to the zillions these participating outfits manage, if the […]