Change of Life

second-lifeWhat happened to Second Life?  The 3-D virtual world from Linden Lab is still very much around but I don’t spend much time there, do you? Second Life has peaked.  And there is something to be learned from this transition.

Facebook is hot right now and Second Life is not, and some of that comes down to the difference between fantasy and reality.  Second Life is a fantasy environment  — an EverQuest without the quest — and that’s the problem.  It has the heavy processing requirements of a game without the rich textural depth of a Tolkein or even of […]

Don't be a Facebook whore

Facebook AdvertisingJust in case you ever sue me, you should know that I have every e-mail I have ever sent or received since 1992. That’s crazy from a legal standpoint, I know, but I can’t help myself. I’m obsessive-compulsive that way. But having a clear view of 16+ years of mail amounting to more than four gigabytes of mainly ascii text gives me a sobering sense of how poorly e-mail does the job lately compared to its glory days of, say, 1999.

More than ninety percent of my mail today by volume is spam. Back in 1999 spam was about 15 percent of my mail. Of course I am in large part to […]