Amazon’s new graphical cloud helps make desktops obsolete

g2_gpu_model_4Amazon Web Services quietly released on Tuesday a pair of new instances on its EC2 cloud computing service. Not just new instances but a whole new type of instance aimed at 2D and 3D graphical computing. For the first time from AWS in a generally available instance, developers and users will have access to virtual machines with GPUs. It’s like putting a PC in the cloud. More properly it is like putting your PC in the cloud. I think this has great disruptive potential. And that means we’ll see similar services coming soon from other cloud providers.

Autodesk must think it has potential, too, because they’ll be offering several applications on the new platform, […]

Silence is golden

Sitting here in Santa Rosa drinking too much coffee while the turkey cooks I’ve been reading the Black Friday sale fliers and you know what’s missing? Desktop computers.  Radio Shack doesn’t even have a desktop on sale tomorrow and even Walmart has only one. This season marks the triumph of notebook and tablet computers I’d say, though not at chez Cringely. At our house we’ve just gone thin client, instead.

With five people in the house we’ve been making do with one desktop and three notebooks for family use (don’t mess with Daddy’s PCs). You’d think with the number of iPod Touches and Roku boxes we have as well that there would hardly ever be a […]

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