Mainframe2 runs super-powerful Windows apps in the cloud

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.50.39 PMMy friend Nikola Bozinovic (say that three times fast) is a very sharp software developer originally from Serbia who has, over the years, worked for most of the usual suspect American software companies. He is also the guy who restored from a grotty old VHS tape my film Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview. And as of this week he’s the CEO of Mainframe2 (now called Frame — Bob) , an exciting startup strutting its stuff at the DEMO conference in Santa Clara. Mainframe2 claims it can put almost any Windows application into the cloud, making apps usable from any device that can run a web browser supporting html5. […]

Life after the personal computer

A reader pointed out to me this week that the personal computer is well over 30 years old — a number that has real consequence if you are familiar with my work. He remembered I predicted in 1992 that PCs as we knew them would be dead by now. I was obviously a little off in my timing. But only a little off. PCs are still doomed and their end will come quicker than you think.

Here’s what I wrote in my book Accidental Empires in 1992:

It takes society thirty years, more or less, to absorb a new information technology into daily life. It took about that long to turn movable type into books in the […]

2011 prediction #8: Cloudburst

If 2010 was the year of cloud computing that means 2011 is the year we’ll actually start using it in earnest.  That further means 2011 will be the year that cloud computing lets us down.  Everything in IT fails eventually, though the big myth is that won’t happen with cloud computing.  Hogwash.

We haven’t seen a cloud virus or a cloud trojan — yet — but we will.  Imagine what would happen if the cloud became a zombie.  It is only a matter of time.

There’s also the issue of what happens when some cloud service goes out of service permanently?  These are startups, remember, and a good percentage of startups fail.  Some cloud computing outfit is […]