Accidental Empires, Chapter 11 — Font Wars

john-warnock-steve-jobsClearly, given the recent battle between Flash and HTML5, things changed later in life between John Warnock and Steve Jobs. There’s a story I’d like to understand better. Meanwhile, back in the early 1990s….




Of the 5 billion people in the world, there are only four who I’m pretty sure have stayed consistently on the good side of Steve Jobs. Three of them—Bill Atkinson, Rich Page, and Bud Tribble—all worked with Jobs at Apple Computer. Atkinson and Tribble are code gods, and Page is a hardware god. Page and Tribble left Apple with Jobs in 1985 to found NeXT Inc., their […]

Intercontinental Ballistic App Store

I’ve been thinking about Apple’s App Store and the industry paradigm shift it represents. Apple loves to change the game like this, simultaneously unseating previously entrenched adversaries while building for itself a defensible system for the future. The trick to making it work is to not appear to be too greedy and I think Apple is accomplishing that. They are greedy, of course, but as Fernando used to say, “It is better to look good than to feel (or be?) good.”

Apple’s original App store was for the iPhone — a portable and for the most part cloud based method of distributing and updating iPhone apps. This was followed by Apple’s App Store for OS X, which did much the same for Macs. Both are […]