Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview returning to theaters

As promised, Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview is returning to theaters from Magnolia Pictures with a new print restored literally with rocket science courtesy of MotionDSP. The first U.S. and Canadian play dates are below. If people go to the film there will be more theaters added. Video on demand and a DVD will be next, followed eventually by general online distribution.

International distribution is coming, too.  The film is screening this week in Cannes with theaters and play dates to be named shortly.

Sorry this took so long to arrange.



Montreal, QC: Cinema Du Parc

Little Rock, AR: Market Street Cinema
Cupertino, CA: Bluelight Cinemas
Sacramento, CA: Crest Theatre
Asbury Park, NJ: The ShowRoom
Corvallis, OR: Darkside […]

By 2015 IBM will look like Oracle

So after five parts and hundreds of reader comments, what will IBM look like by the end of 2015?  It will look like Oracle.

With earnings per share meaning everything and a headcount mandate that can’t be achieved without totally transforming the company, IBM is turning itself into something very different. Gerstner’s service business that saved the company 20 years ago will be jettisoned, probably to a combination of U.S. and international buyers.

Look for the Global Services business to be sold to one or more Indian companies while the current federal business will be sold to one of IBM’s U.S. competitors.

Meanwhile IBM will move its business toward hardware and applications delivered by partners who carry the […]

We’re all just lab rats to IBM

When I was growing up in Ohio, ours was the only house in the neighborhood with a laboratory. In it the previous owner, Leonard Skeggs, had invented the automated blood analyzer, pretty much creating the present biomedical industry. Unwilling to let such a facility go to waste, I threw myself into research. It was 1961 and I was eight years old.

I was always drawn to user interface design and quickly settled, as Gene Roddenberry did in Star Trek half a decade later, on the idea of controlling computers with voice. Using all the cool crap my father (a natural scrounger) dragged home from who knows where, I decided to base my voice control work on […]

Ten years have passed and there is still no cure for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


Chase Cringely died of SIDS 10 years ago this week.

How to fix IBM in a week

Last in a too long series of columns on what’s wrong with IBM.

Enough horror stories, already! How do we just fix IBM?

Well it can’t be done from the inside so it has to be done from the outside. And the only outside power scary enough to get through the self-satisfied skulls of IBM top management is IBM customers. A huge threat to revenue is the only way to move IBM in the proper direction. But a big enough such threat will not only get a swift and positive reaction from Big Blue, it will makes things ultimately much better for customers, too.

So here is exactly what to do, down to the letter.  Print this out, if […]