Silence is golden

Sitting here in Santa Rosa drinking too much coffee while the turkey cooks I’ve been reading the Black Friday sale fliers and you know what’s missing? Desktop computers.  Radio Shack doesn’t even have a desktop on sale tomorrow and even Walmart has only one. This season marks the triumph of notebook and tablet computers I’d say, though not at chez Cringely. At our house we’ve just gone thin client, instead.

With five people in the house we’ve been making do with one desktop and three notebooks for family use (don’t mess with Daddy’s PCs). You’d think with the number of iPod Touches and Roku boxes we have as well that there would hardly ever be a […]

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Intel is fit to be Thai'd

— I’ve been so busy getting my little movie ready for theaters I’ve hardly had a chance to write. So for a change here’s something not about Steve Jobs.

Thailand is flooded, as we’ve all read, and the Thai hard disk industry has been adversely affected. But for all the doom-and-gloom stories I’ve read so far there hasn’t been much attempt at extrapolating the impact of these events past the basic idea that there will be drive shortages and prices will go up for awhile. The real story is way bigger than that.

The industrial park that’s sitting underwater still in Thailand will be out of action for at least four months, I’m told, and possibly as […]

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Seeking a final resolution

Of all the reader suggestions for what I should do with my little film Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview, not one involved showing the movie in theaters. Yet that was the first thing that came to my mind. How old media-like of me and how new media-like of you.  So we’re opening November 16th for a short run in about 20 U.S. theaters. These are mainly Landmark Theaters, but some others are now coming on and we’ve even had inquiries from Europe and Asia (keep them coming, please).  The idea came to me late at night so I e-mailed Landmark owner Mark Cuban who replied in five minutes. proving insomnia has its virtues

Seeing a movie […]