700 MHz opportunity down the toilet (no, make that stolen)

Today, if you have a few million bucks to spare, the Federal Communications Commission will be auctioning wireless licenses in the 700 MHz band — primo space in many respects because it is lower on the RF spectrum and offers longer range. But Auction 92, as it is called, is anything but primo, since it is for licenses that either received no bids in the previous Auction 73, held in 2008, or were sold in that auction to organizations that never paid in full. That earlier auction, which I covered at the time, is a sad story of opportunity lost, especially for Google.

Remember how that freed-up spectrum was up […]

Entrepreneurial OCD

I don’t often respond to other bloggers but today I was asked to do so by my friend Dr. Steven Berglas who blogs for Forbes and is quite an expert on executive and entrepreneur psychology. Steve wrote recently about President Obama’s call for shared sacrifice in the current budget fistfight with Congress, claiming this was exactly the wrong message for the President to send to American entrepreneurs, effectively discouraging entrepreneurism. He asked a number of bloggers including me to comment for a follow-up post. My response (Steve’s wrong) ran so long I figured — what the heck — I might as well make a couple bucks from it. So here goes:

Dear Steve,

I don’t […]

All My Children a killer app?

This may seem an odd topic, but stick with me. Yesterday Disney’s ABC television network said it was licensing two canceled daytime TV soap operas to a production company that would be moving the shows to the Internet. I seem to be the only one who thinks this is a brilliant move. In fact it might be the Internet’s next killer app.

All My Children and One Life to Live as killer apps? Yes.

A killer app, remember, is the Silicon Valley term for an application that all by itself justifies to certain users the acquisition of hardware needed to run that app. People will go down to the store and buy hardware just to be able to use that application, whatever it is. […]

The flip side of cyber bullying

There is no good aspect to cyber bullying, but maybe there’s a little light to be found in the underlying idea that people interact differently online than they do in person. That’s not all bad if it gives a voice — an academic voice — to students who might otherwise remain silent in class. This is certainly the experience of Democrasoft, a startup I have written about before that seems to have stumbled on a whole new class of software for education.

Democrasoft’s Collaborize product began as a way for communities to discuss issues online with the idea that the core groups would be cities or local governments. But the Santa […]

Which domain registrar is best?

I have domains from Network Solutions, GoDaddy, and Register.com, but there are many other registrars — some of which must be better than these. Network Solutions is too expensive and difficult to work with, GoDaddy is annoying and greedy, while Register.com may be great but I don’t have a good comparison.

I am thinking of consolidating all my domains with one registrar. Where should I go and why?