Stevie Hawking and Me

Everything I know about Stephen Hawking I learned one evening a couple years ago at the old Claremont Hotel on the border between Oakland and Berkeley, California. I was there to give a speech and was late for the gig, so instead of waiting for an elevator I took the stairs down a couple floors in the old wooden hotel. Bursting through the doors at the bottom of the stairs and into the lobby I almost crashed into Stephen Hawking! Killing a world-famous physicist in a wheelchair is not what I wanted to be remembered for so it was lucky I was able to roll a bit to one side and avoid — just barely […]

So a Guy Walks into a Bar…..

What are the odds that this week’s story about the next-gen iPhone “found” in a Bay Area bar came about by accident? A quick survey of former and current Apple employees (okay, it was only four of them) came out 100 percent on the side of this being no accident but a deliberate plant on Apple’s part.

Look how the story grabbed headlines and created free buzz for Apple at a time when Apple doesn’t have a new iPhone to flog in the face of new phones from Microsoft and a bunch of new Android devices. By “losing” a phone Apple stole the attention and, in doing so, told us only one thing we didn’t know […]

Get a Life

Update — Apparently I wasn’t clear enough below for some readers.  Her is the deal: I have so far about 340 candidate companies for 24 positions in my upcoming reality TV series.  That means I have to reject 93 percent of all nominated companies.  Chances are that your startup will not be selected.  So I thought it might be a good idea to point out to those who are true believers in what they are doing that this might be a great time to emphasize more than just the technology and the business.  Emphasize the people who have been, in nearly all nominations so far, ignored.  If you want a better chance of making the […]

Why Twitter is Worth More Than Facebook (At Least to Me)

This column was finished before I realized that this week is Twitter’s Chirp developer conference in San Francisco where Twitter will supposedly (and finally) explain how it intends to make money. As you can see below I have my own ideas on this. Let’s compare my ideas with Twitter’s later in the week and see whose are more fun.

I don’t tweet. Yes, I have a Twitter account that’s attached automagically to this blog and whenever I write something new it sends a link to the world. But that’s not tweeting, not really. Still I have several thousand followers on Twitter and pride myself that I don’t inflict myself on them more than 2-3 times per […]

Masters Tournament

cassette-300x218Look at the photo with this column. It’s of an audio microcassette I found in my desk drawer yesterday while madly looking for something else in my overgrown office. As you may be able to read on the picture, it is an interview with Bill Gates from June, 1998. That’s the interview I did for my ill-fated Vanity Fair piece on the relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It is almost sixty minutes entirely devoted to Bill talking about Steve. Quite a historical document, especially since its contents have never been published. And they won’t be here, either, except for one short quote that stood out when I listened to the tape today after […]